Our Business

Our expertise is to secure bulk carriers and general cargo carriers from shipowners and operate them for carriage of our clients goods by entering into chartering contracts (charter party) or contracts of affreightment (COA).
The approaches we adopt to deal with our clients requirements are well tailored so that to provide stability within a
market that is defined by volatility, in other words, we are able to offer various chartering contracts to our clients
basis three following categories :
– Spot; it’s confined to charter a vessel for carriage of only one shipment at the current freight market levels.
– Forward; it’s applicable once a trader/charterer wills to secure a freight rate for carriage of his cargo at a specified
time-spread (laycan) in future to keep him safe from spot market fluctuations that may prevail at the time of shipment.
– Long Term, or also known as contract of affreightment (COA), which is a long terms contract for carriage of
consecutive shipments or frequent shipments at a fixed freight rate with aim to transport all of them with aim to
maintain a fixed CFR price or freight cost. Notwithstanding, freight rates specified on COAs are occasionally subject to change with reference to an index related to bunkers market fluctuations or other indices which are adopted as the case may be.

Commodity traders or trading houses, merchants, steel mills, sugar refineries, cement manufacturers, mining
companies, fertilizers producers and whoever whoever willing to charterer a vessel or vessels for carriage of his
goods by sea on the basis of aforementioned for contracts of carriage.

The core of our business are our relationships with the most reputable shipboards based across the world as well as shipowners that empower us to maintain our presence in the market as a responsive operator able to meet clients variable layman’s, quantities.