Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the safe and reliable sea transport services by offering them first class vessels and most competitive freight rates derived from our optimized voyage calculations.

As a ship operator, we are always obliged to excursive our expertise as it’s defined to monitor and optimize all the stages of a voyage in a manner to minimize the voyage costs and consequently offer the most competitive freight rate to our clients. Optimization of a voyage is itself a professionalism that demands utmost care and clarity along with the teamwork.

We are always dealing with reputable and credible bunker suppliers, port agents, cleaning labors and surveyors to assure about the operations and documentations.

One of our important policies is how to deal with weather routing, where we always seek advices from the most renowned and professional weather routing service providers to find and provide the master of charted-in vessels with
the rationale routes with aim to minimize the cost of bunkers and hires to keep our freight rates able to compete with other market participants while chartering out a vessel, as well as considering the cargo and crew safety during the
voyage through avoiding sever weather and rough seas.

Our Vision

In spite of our recent establishment we are representing a new name in the industry. Nonetheless, our vision is to become a ship operator holding a major name and account in the industry specially in the middle east region, inbound and outbound shipments.